SacredSpace 2010 Conferences/Workshops are  hosted and facilitated by Write Out Loud: Transforming Our Lives through Writing Our Truths. SacredSpace 2010 workshops are for artists, writers, journalists, radio producers, freelancers - everyone!

Sacred Spaces or Seperatism? Women of Color addressing Media Justice and building sustainable creative spaces outside of the mainstream.

This conference would address the concepts of Women of Color using current media
tools to build websites, blogs, podcasts, etc to address issues that
are essentially "blacked" out of mainstream/corporate media.
The conference would delve deeper into the idea of sacred space and the
benefits/problems with exclusiveness. Is it seperatism if WOC build
spaces that offer full visibility?

Does sacred space allow room for the "Hidden Transcript" to grow?

What is the Hidden Transcript?

Finally, is the idea or reality of sacred space merely a modern day
underground railroad for mainstream visibility for the issues of media
justice, literacy and consumption as these topics relate to women of

Thank you to everyone who helped make the conference a success! Next year we hope to have Sacred Space "Gatherings" held locally in different cities. This will make the event even more accesible to potential presenters and attendees.


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